Tutoring in Euless, TX and online!

After a wonderful experience tutoring in Coppell, Texas, I am seeking clients in our new area in Euless, Texas. If you are interested, please visit my tutoring site a tuniversitytutor.com.


Back to the real world.

No matter how much I love planning, I never could have prepared myself for how much I would instantly change after my daughter was born. Immediately, all of my anxieties of not returning to school, setting up my classroom, and preparing for new students disappeared. I am a teacher by nature, but becoming a mother has reshaped my innermost being. I thank God daily for this precious baby girl.

Now that she is two months old, and I can sleep through the night, I have started posting my lesson plans on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. Not only does this create a Starbucks fund, but it also continues my passion for education.

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